Content Curation and Its Positive Impacts on Business-to-Business Social Media Marketing

Content Curation and Its Positive Impacts on Business-to-Business Social Media Marketing
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At the beginning of 2012 I began to notice the phrase, “content curation.”  I liked the phrase and incorporated it into my vocabulary, even though I had pretty much written it off as just another set of buzz words.  Now that the year is nearly halfway through it has become increasingly apparent that this phrase – and activity – has really caught on in the social media world.  Content curation has certainly become an important concept for B2B social media marketers.

Social media marketing is all about the content.  The internet provides an endless amount of posts from an abundance of sources, both personal and commercial.  Of course, there are many people out there who are blogging and creating content for the sole purpose of sharing opinions and ideas.  These blogs are fun to read and are often quite educational.  However, this type of blog content will probably not be of any use to the business who wants to engage with and do business with other companies.  For the marketers within these businesses, the ultimate goal of ROI can be achieved by creating content that not only piques the interest of their potential clients – but that can do so in a better way than their competitors.

Providing compelling content with information about solutions or even products can become a challenge for many B2B marketers.  This is where content curation can be a very useful tool for B2B social media marketing.  A key factor to successfully curating content is to remember that people prefer to have alternatives, and they do not like to feel pressured by sales pitches.  A business-to-business marketer can clear these obstacles by curating and sharing the content of others within their industry – as well as creating their own content.  This sharing can be done through various social media venues, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The first step of content curation is to determine what B2B content to share and why.  A common concern among all social media marketers, not just those in B2B marketing, is that sharing others’ information will drive its readers and that traffic to the competitors’ websites, rather than to their own.  This does not seem to be an issue though.  In fact, the businesses that are successfully curating content and sharing it are being seen as the thought leaders within the industry.  This ultimately seems like an even more positive impact for the business and could provide even more website traffic for them in the long run.

Another form of content curation within B2B social media marketing involves identifying specific niches.  The business can then focus on finding and sharing content that is relevant and that will appeal to their particular audience.  This can be a positive impact for a business that is looking for an effective way to reach and engage with its key targets within a specific B2B vertical, for example.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, there is an endless amount of content on the internet – and there is certainly plenty of B2B content.  The B2B social media marketer will quickly find that content is available in forms other than blog posts.  Content curation activities should also include the review and sharing of relevant white papers, eBooks, videos, press releases, and infographics, for example.  There is a lot of useful and helpful information out there for businesses to learn about.  And you, along with the company you represent, can be seen as a useful and helpful resource for them if you are providing them with this good content on a regular basis.

Do you have examples of content curation activities that have been successful for you and your company?  I would be glad to hear what is working for you or any other opinions you may have regarding content curation.


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  1. Jenn –

    Finally! A topic that is near and dear to the hearts of the SEO-centric. The cliche in search marketing is ‘Content is King!’ You have uncovered some excellent points that apply across the disciplines of search and social media marketing. And in social media we all aspire to the title ‘Subject Matter Expert’ or, even better (and more elusive) ‘Thought Leader.’ Creating, generating, curating and sharing content with an engaged community is not only good marketing, it’s good community citizenship. Don’t we all enjoy talking with someone who can carry on a good conversation? Thanks for the informative and thought-provoking post!

    • Mark, thank you for your comments. Yes, it is often said that “content is king,” but my goal was to take that a step further so the reader might understand that expression a little better. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I appreciate your insights as well. Regards, Jennifer

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