Social media has become an essential tool that produces noticeable results when combined with traditional marketing efforts. Social media also presents an efficient and easy way to engage and connect with your clients. Our team can help increase and enhance your company's online visibility through social media development via the following activities:

  • Major social network site development and editing with B2B marketing intent
  • Social media listening
  • Market-targeted brand promotion
  • Universe of opportunity online research
  • Lead generation, qualification and management

Competitor research is often a useful way to help you keep up with the competition in your industry. More importantly, it can propel you a few steps ahead of them by uncovering their weaknesses. A thorough analysis of your competitors can help you discover link building opportunities and content optimization strategies that could jumpstart your online marketing program, especially when your current strategy is no longer as effective as it was before. Our team will utilize various research methods to manifest your competitors' activities. We will help answer questions such as the following:

  • What are your direct competitors doing online?
  • How and where can you improve upon your activities based on what your competitors are currently doing?

Online video is quickly becoming an invaluable and powerful part of B2B marketing. The benefits are revealed through increased numbers of visitors to your website, higher levels of consumer engagement, and the potential to deliver more ROI from a higher lead to close ratio. YouTube is second only to Google as a search engine. As of February 2011 YouTube receives 490 million unique users worldwide per month and there are more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link.¹ Few of these videos currently relate to B2B inbound marketing, but it certainly means that there are a lot of people out there watching videos. Our team can offer the following services to start you on your online video marketing journey:

  • Video smart container development
  • B2B call-to-action crafting
  • Lead generation, qualification and management

¹ [Source]

Thought leadership requires compelling content to give your company the boost it needs for its social media and demand generation strategies. This can be very effective for B2B marketers. Decision-makers for businesses buy into your point-of-view rather than products or services. They want the best solutions to improve the way they are currently doing business and prefer to buy from someone they know and trust. Our team offers a unique solution to help you and your company attain its thought leadership potential. We refer to this solution as an online ecosystem: a compilation of content that is organized online. The ecosystem will provide you and your company with a powerful solution that combines the showcasing of your content and a demonstration of your company's credibility to potential buyers. You and your company will also benefit from the resulting thought leadership opportunities.

  • Growth oriented domain and content management
  • Thought leadership opportunities
  • Targeted solution promotion
  • Lead generation, qualification and management